Marketing Scams

All that glitters is not gold. Well, if you entered the world of Affiliate Marketing and never really gave the phrase a thought, I suggest it is time for you to do so. With all its glory, shine and glimmer, it is true that Affiliate Marketing has been keenly pursued both in the past and present and yet while its advantages are never denied, let us know turn our faces from the negative aspects.

It is a commonly established practice that whenever you seek out to achieve something, you are always lured into the “easier” yet the “cheaper” way more than often and this is what we term under “Scam.” A fraud, a deed of mistrust, whatever it may be called; Scam is something an amateur would never want to come across. Even though, scam and fraud might be a common idea, there are always ways to detect them and to outclass them and for beginners out there, here’s the guide to do it.

Following are the most common yet most acrid scams in the field of Affiliate and should be avoided at every rate.

  1. Beware of the Up-sell


To be precise, up-sell is the practice of persuading the customer to buy something additional or something more expensive. In Affiliate Marketing, Up-sell scam surfaces up with the signing up for an affiliate marketing course. It begins with a training course that comes at a really low price (sometimes the opposite too) and the moment you enter your payment information, a series of event occurs. You will be asked to pay for something else, let’s say $10 for a VIP access and even if you ignore it, you will find your inbox being flooded by these offers and no matter how less you try to fall, you’d realize that the original product was simply useless without the up-sell; a lesson that is always learnt the hard way.

To minimize the chances of being subjected to such tricks, use websites that tells the exact cost and the number of up-sells along with how well a product is sold.


  1. Stay away from “Get Rich Quick” Schemes


    If you have stepped into the gleaming world of Affiliate Marketing, remember that good things comes to do those who wait and well really, it is the truth. However, for an amateur or a beginner a scheme that vividly calls out be filthy rich in no time, are obviously quite attracting.

    Long story short; get rich quick schemes do not exist, or they do not exist make you rich but the ones who have devised it. The most common way to understand this is the fact that if someone was making hundreds of dollars per minute, why would he ever spill his beans to the world?

    In such kind of schemes, the cruel scammer would show you the “superficial” in-depth look of their accounts which are not 100% part of the reality. Next, you would be asked enroll with the company for a few hundred dollars and finally when there is a dent in your bank account, that is
    where you will realize that the “get rich quick” schemes works only for the scammers, not for you.

    There are many different scams like no products to sell where the publishers do not receive their promised income and just like a triangle, the money transfers from person to person and the one sitting on the apex, takes it all. However, since there are so many scams to look out, there are many ways to do so too. First is to Google check, where if a site is scam, you’ll find reports against them.  Also check the company’s website; if it is not a professional one, take it as a warning. And lastly, work with patience and take each step at a time.


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