3 Simple steps to use social media to promote a startup business

Social media has become a necessary component in each of our lives. Here we interact with the entire world and hear what the world has the story. For an entrepreneur, this is all that he needs; to have his voice go heard to each one of his target audience.

For a startup business, social media can be a benefit in disguise for the promotion of a new or a startup business for it is a platform which renders even the small firms the same exposure that has been limited to the bigger brands in the past. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong if said that social media has allowed the smaller firms to broaden their exposure to the world and impregnate their ties with the customers.

However, when it comes to promote a business at social media, there are some misconceptions that do not turn out to be very beneficial. It is believed that social media including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram costs neither time nor money for the entrepreneur to interact with the customer which, in reality is a myth. Even at the most efficient platform as the social media, the good things take time to be introduced to the world and following are some ways which when employed, can get you avail the full advantage of the world wide platform.

  1. Start early


    If you are planning to introduce your brand via the social media platform, do not wait for it be launched but work prior to it. Have your presence established before hand and share information about what is going to come up soon. This leads to three major consequences. First, there is a factor of curiosity that can never be underestimated. When there are some secretive or interrogative clues about a brand, there are frequent visits to the page to see what the information was all about. Second, it leads to the existence of targeted market, as people who feel their needs are catered by your product will be instantaneously attracted to it. Third, it also helps you establish link with those who bear influence in the same field.

  2. Work on visual appeal


    It is a universally known fact that colors and pictures gets more attention and this is another key idea that is handful when it comes to promotion on social media. Thus, it is a beneficial step to leverage the visual content of your brand; include pictures, not only a featured one, but those who elaborate of the content already provided.

  3. Don’t forget to customize


    When your post stands out from the rest, that’s when the world comes to know about your brand first. Utilize bold headings, include pictures and be sure of the right time to know when it should be posted. When your post appeals an eye, it tends to remembered for a longer time.

Having worked on the aforementioned ideas, a brand can be promoted to a wider audience leading to sale uplift and is further spread around the world by the existing customers which means great brand endorsement.


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